Cleaning Glossy Surfaces

Cleaning Glossy SurfacesModern kitchens, lounge room furniture and even bedroom furniture sets, make use of high gloss surface finishes. Glossy finishes look great indeed, but they are also notoriously hard to keep clean and blemish-free. Many people find cleaning and polishing of gloss surfaces to be trickier than necessary. It is doable however, and some patience (with the right know-how) will give you the desired results.

Instructions provided by Carpet Cleaning London

Step 1 – Dusting

-it is essential to dust all high gloss surfaces properly before cleaning them in any way; it would be best to use an antistatic microfiber cloth for this task;

*don’t wipe down surfaces too many times if you are not using an antistatic cloth as this will only bring back the dust you are trying to collect.

Step 2 – Technique

-start at one end of the room you are cleaning, not in the middle; dip a clean chamois in warm fresh water and wring it out really well; you need it to be slightly damp not wet; this way you spare gloss surfaces from water streaks;

*apply moderate downward pressure when wiping gloss surfaces; use a sweeping motion don’t scrub in order to prevent scuffs and dents; wash and rinse your chamois every so often.

Step 3 – Grease

Cleaning Glossy Surfaces-wiping off greasy smears, fingerprints etc. from high gloss surfaces is best done using a small amount dishwashing liquid diluted in warm water; if the greasy stains are stubborn consider a little bit of specially formulated household degreaser;

*formulated degreasers are strong chemicals so apply them carefully in order to avoid chemical damage to surface, you will need a facemask when working with heavy duty degreasers; be sure to use a different chamois cloth if applying detergent or degreaser.

Step 4 – Polishing

-once you have cleaned up the glossy surfaces, you will have to polish them; wipe surfaces down with a soft, no lint, dry cloth; for a shiny buff work in sharp, no pressure strokes either horizontally or vertically; if you come across any spots or blemishes you missed try and remove them using the dry microfiber cloth – just make sure it is dust-free.

More useful tips:

don’t use paper towels for cleaning high gloss surfaces;

-don’t use rough cleaning cloths;

-never use abrasive cleaners on glossy surfaces;

-never use aggressive chemical solvents on glossy surfaces;

remove streaks after cleaning with a chamois cloth only;

-never treat stains on glossy surfaces using acetone based products;

Pre-Easter Spring Cleaning

Spring  CleaningEaster is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten around to doing your spring cleaning yet, now is the ideal time to get organised and freshen up your place for Easter. Most people do one major clean-up of their home during the year, and that is spring cleaning. The sheer scale and complexity of the cleaning process might seem daunting, but a few cleaning tricks up your sleeve will make all the difference.

The more the merrier

By all means don’t buckle yourself from cleaning, get some friends to help you out. Doing cleaning chores in good company is more manageable and more fun, of course.

Get organised in advance

Pop down to your supermarket and buy all the materials and products you need for the Easter clean-up exercise. Having everything you need handy will save time, effort and resources during cleaning.

-Start at the start

Be systematic in your cleaning efforts. Don’t clean the bedroom upstairs, then the living room downstairs, while waiting for the kitchen floor to dry. No. Always start upstairs, if you occupy a one storey, choose one end of the house and start there. Cleaning upstairs first means you don’t have to go back up the stairs again and make a mess.

-First in line

Start your Easter cleaning with the most problematic areas of the house.
This way you still have the initial vigour and drive to deal effectively with tougher cleaning chores. Keep tidier rooms and areas for the end, when you are drained and frustrated. It would be a good idea to shut doors and windows on freshly cleaned rooms while cleaning the rest of the house.

-Tricky chores come last

Deal with things like dusting small items, arranging book and accessories, straightening pictures on walls etc. at the end. These chores will not make a mess but will eat up precious time, this is why you should leave them for last.

-Effective management

Spring  CleaningIf you are pressed for time, or you realise certain rooms and areas will need more elbow grease than you have at hand, by all means do what you can. Instead of full out cleaning in such areas, resort to tidying up. It is a band aid solution but nevertheless it will make a positive difference.

If the kids are around while you deal with Easter cleaning, perhaps you can delegate them some basic chores like putting their toys away or tidying up their shoe closets. 

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